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Our Story

Mindful Peoples is dedicated to designing ethically & spiritually inspired lifestyle products and art graphics that embody the mind, body and soul. Mindful Peoples is committed to softening its environmental impact by using eco-friendly materials and manufacturing processes. We always try to make the best possible products in a responsible way. Each year, we find more ways to do just that.


Way back in June 1978, Dad took my brother and I to the beach in Santa Cruz, Ca. Back then there was no garbage cleanup, no restrictions or want from people cleaning up their own mess. It was heartbreaking. We were so young at the time, but we being taught how to care and nurture our ONE PLANET.

The events surrounding this moment are ones we have all experienced. A trip to the beach, despair at the mess, a wanting to do something. Of course all the barriers such as "it's not my mess", " it's not my responsibility" and "what can one person do?" and "it won't make a difference anyway" 

These obstacles, Dad realized were reactions to the problems paramount in the world today. Dirty beaches, energy crisis, warring countries, hungry people,  pollution of land, sea and air.  These are not conditions bred naturally in the world, but rather are mere reflections of deteriorating individual attitudes. 

What was realized in those moments were that changing your personal attitude was really the first and biggest step toward changing the conditions in ones immediate world, and ultimately that change would resonate out and affect the whole planet! OP2 (One Planet One Purpose) Beach Restoration was born from that moment. A 5 year project to clean our beaches from San Francisco to Monterey.

4000 volunteers gathered on September 30th 1978 and cleaned 78,000 pounds of trash from the beaches. Broken bottles, aluminum, metal and even cars. Nothing this large had ever been done before, and it transformed the way we look at the environment, the beaches and human consciousness. 


Here you are, about to discover and experience that you, as an individual, can consciously and lovingly direct your energy so to make a difference in the world and the problems facing it. I hope you will take a few moments today to notice the birds, the planet life, the ocean and the people who are participating with you in this life. 

Reflect for a moment on the fact that the Planet itself is an embodiment and materialization of a consciousness far beyond our limited ability to comprehend. That in our solar system, this is the Magic Planet. This is where the complexities and promises of life interweave a pattern of harmony and ecstasy we recognize as the natural world.

This project began as an expression of gratitude for the miracle and magic of each of our individual lives represents. It is a way we can visibly express love for the planet and it is also a way of shouldering our responsibilities as conscious beings in maintaining the harmony of the natural environment around us.

This project works only because you, as people of the greater Earth community, were willing to have your lives make a difference in the world.

Thank you for sharing your love and yourselves. The Difference Is You.

When you make a positive choice to purchase one of our eco conscious and ethically made items, you are choosing to make a loving and positive impact in the world! With each purchase at Mindful Peoples, together, we can make our world a better more conscious place.

Natures Blessings,

Joshua ~ Mindful Peoples